Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Design

I made a new design of a Raya Greeting card  last weekend. Just for a few of my lecturers. I would have made for all  (at least for those who teach me) if it hadn't been so freaking expensive too print them. I would have gone to Bormas cause I was back at home during the weekends but I didn't have time to go. I wish I had gone there instead of having to print here in Seremban.

In Seremban, a colour printed page would cost me RM2.50. I have checked most stores and they cost fairly the same.  And to make a card, you would need to print front and back... you do the math (RM2.50 x 2 =  RM5.00 per card). I decided to print 5 cards (initially it was 10 but realising how much it would have cost me, I cut it to half hehehe) which made me RM20.00 poorer (only after that lady grew pity on me and gave me a 50 cents discount for each printed page).

I know Bormas would have charged me lesser because the last time I had my cards printed... it was far cheaper. And at that time, if I am not mistaken, I printed 7 cards and cost me less than half what I have paid for 5 cards (in Seremban). And seriously, the printing was much finer with Bormas.

Ok so maybe I am promoting Bormas more than I should... but what can you expect? I am a very satisfied customer of Bormas and yes, maybe they should start paying me for the good words I put out about them Haha!

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