How To Order

1) Please fill in the Order Form

2) If you are ordering ready-made cards, please indicate the item code - e.g. R005 and the quantity of the card you are ordering - e.g. if you are ordering 7 cards for code R005, please write (7). Thus, your entry should be R005 (7).

3) If you are ordering custom-made cards, your entry should be custom made (quantity) - e.g. custom-made (2).

4) Kindly wait for our confirmation email after you have placed your order before making any payment.

5) Once confirmed, please make your payment within the 48 hours upon receiving the confirmation email. The order would only be successfully placed once the payment has been successfully made.

6) Please take a screen shot of the bank payment as proof of payment and email it to us. Don't forget to include your name too.