About Us

Assalamualaikum WBT

Hi... so just call me Hazim. I know that the title says 'About Us' but it is just me alone all along. I just find the word 'Us' very comforting like I am not alone in this thing. Yes, I am that crazy.

Honestly, this is kind of weird for me because I never took drawing seriously before and I had never imagine myself having setting up a small business like this - selling cards with my drawings or anything. But zillion thanks to this 'forever-young' beautiful teacher of mine, Mrs Hindon who had opened my eyes and for bringing out the best of me. Once she told me my cartoons are no ordinary doodles and though some may argue with that... but I believe her haha 

Billion thanks also to my friends (especially Laena my Business Guru) and families for your support and love!

Anyway... I am currently residing in Selangor but it won't be that long as God willing, I will be pursuing my studies in Medicine in India (if I ever get that bloody 35 points in IB) somewhere in September. Love to draw, read, enjoy Politics (very much) and dream to go backpacking all around the globe someday Insya Allah. 

Thanks for your support.